What we do

We provide a bespoke South African tax and exchange control advisory and compliance service offering. We assist expats, emigrants and residents.

We specialise in expats, guiding them and their tax filers at home, albeit that they may be away from home.

In essence, we are your passport to tax and exchange control peace of mind.

For tax residents and expats, be they tax non-residents or ordinary residents, we offer a tax stress test to ensure their business, trading and family structures will stand the test of time. This is in spite of the multiple tax laws that are forced upon them, by all the various jurisdictions they touch, be it as investors, residents or retirees.

How we do it

We provide a professional, individualised and specialised service to each of our clients.

By spending time with you and understanding your exact needs, we form an opinion of what will be the best outcome for you.

We focus on what is best for you. The journey must be seamless and transparent. For this reason our diary is online and our fees fully disclosed prior to you engaging with us.

Each and every client, new or old, is required to sign an engagement letter. This provides the client with the most reliable and transparent guidance that will allow them to share this with the various family advisers, wherever in the world they are.